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6550 JJ "Apex Match Pair"

6550 JJ "Apex Match Pair"

$ 149.00

One pair per cusomer!

Apex Matched pair

Brand new Tung-Sol 6550 power tubes for Leslie Speaker models 122 147 142 145 22H etc.

The JJ Electronic 6550 is a robust tube built in the rugged fashion that JJ is famous for. At 35 Watts, these tubes have a warm round tone with a thick and defined low end. The JJ 6550 is an excellent choice for bass heads, tube organs, and Hi-Fi amplifiers.

JJ Electronic, s.r.o is a Slovak electronic component manufacturer, and one of the world's remaining producers of vacuum tubes. They are based in Čadca, in the Kysuce region of Slovakia. Most of the products that JJ offers are audio receiving tubes. 

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