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Motion Sound KBR-3D

Motion Sound KBR-3D

$ 1,599.00

Motion Sound KBR-3D

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Designed from the ground up as a state of the art keyboard amp, the KBR-3D features 200 watts of power and a 12AX7 pre-amped rotating horn. You no longer have to settle for a sterile amp designed as a monitor while your guitar playin' buddy runs through his own unique tower of power designed specifically for his use. This full-featured unit from Motion Sound delivers Real Character and Real Rotating Sound that you can control and modify to your individual style.

Power Output: 100 watts per side plus 40 watts above 800 hz to the rotary horn.

Weight : 70 lbs.

Dimensions: 24.5" x 21" x 16.5"

Rotary Channel: Features our acclaimed Pro-3T design. Enhanced Stereo Low simulator circuit. Contour, Low Rotor volume, bass and effect controls coupled with a 12AX7 pre-amp with pre and post gain allows warm tube distortion at all volume levels.

Stereo Channel: Channel one features stereo inputs with "stereo expand" control allowing you to dial in a huge stereo image at the turn of a knob! Channel two features stereo inputs. Global Bass-Mid-Treble controls. XLR left and right outputs, stereo mics with mixer on horn, 1/4" dry rotary channel output, 1/4" left and right channel power amp inputs.

Superfast: 10" proprietary co-axial drivers in a tuned port cabinet with a computer designed angular front to insure fabulous stereo effect and a lush, wide image.

Featuring: A True Twin Amp - Connect multiple keyboards as well as mixing boards. Normal and Enhanced Stereo. A stand alone Real Rotating Horn Channel. Clean, Loud, and Powerful.

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