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Trek II LCO-1A Crossover

Trek II LCO-1A Crossover

$ 75.00

Allows older two channel Leslie speakers like the 710 and 720 to function as single channel cabinets making them much easier to utilize with a wide variety of instruments.  As originally manufactured, these older cabinets do not function acceptably with single channel full frequency range signals.  The LCO-1A provides an active crossover which keeps low bass signals (below 150 HZ) out of the rotary channel where they could cause damage to the small rotosonic speaker.  These signals are routed instead through the stationary channel to the 15" speaker where they are properly handled.

The LCO-1A can be used in the following Leslie models: *700, *705, 710, 720, and 730.

* Because the 700 and 705 models lack the treble horn which provides much of the classic Leslie sound, even with the addition of the LCO-1A, their performance will not approach that of the 710, 720, and 730.

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