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Motion Sound Pro-145

Motion Sound Pro-145

$ 1,699.00

Motion Sound Pro-145

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Dual Rotor Mechanical Speaker System The Pro-145 is a complete rotary speaker system for classic organ and keyboard organ samples. The preamp section features a 12AX7 tube with adjustable bias trim for tweaking overdrive sound. Front panel controls for Fast/Slow/Acceleration/Deceleration for horn and low rotor drum. Features * 200 Watts RMS, 70 watts horn, 130Watts low rotor * 12AX7 Tube pre-amp with 2 x 1/4" inputs, pre-gain, contour, post-gain, bass, middle, treble, high freq. cut, horn volume control * Subwoofer output < 100Hz * Built-in microphones - Two on horn - One on low rotor * 1 x 12" 150 Watt Eminence speaker * 80 Watts RMS horn driver * Fast/Slow/Stop LED dual button footswitch * 3 x XLR microphone outputs * Caster sockets and casters

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