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Trek II OBL-2 Line Output Box

Trek II OBL-2 Line Output Box

$ 94.00

The OBL-2 line output connector box is designed for use with most model Hammond organs, and allows them to be connected to an external amplification system via a 1/4" output jack.  The unit has both an overall output and one that is low pass filtered.  The low pass output provides a signal with the upper frequencies attenuated and is useful when using a bass amp to reinforce the organ low end.  A level control is provided to allow the output signal to be adjusted to match the amplifier input requirements.  For applications requiring a very low signal level, a jumper allows further attenuation of the output.

A, AB, AV, A-100, B, BA, BC, BCV, BV, B-2, B-3, C, CV, C-2, C-3, D, DV, D-100, E, E-100, F-100, G, GV, K-100, L-series, M-series, M-100, RT, RT-2, RT-3, R-100, S-series, S-100, and T-series.

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