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Trek II SB-200B String Bass Unit

Trek II SB-200B String Bass Unit

$ 515.00

Trek II SB-200B String Bass for the Hammond Organ

Provides 25 notes of deep rich bass with sustain and pluck effect. Installs in standard consoles utilizing the existing pedal switch contacts. Separate 8' and 16' outputs function with the existing pedal drawbars. Although designed to be played from the existing pedals, it will work with any single make contact assembly or keyboard FEATURES: * Adjustable sustain length * Adjustable pluck effect * Quartz tuning accuracy * Separate outputs available for connection to external amplifier NOTE: The SB-2500B is also available in a version for use as a replacement bass pedal generator in organs with unreliable, un-repairable, or poor sounding pedal sections (E-100, R-100 ETC.) SPECIFY ORGAN MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBER

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