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Trek II SSP-3A Solid State Pre-amp

Trek II SSP-3A Solid State Pre-amp

$ 779.00

Trek II SSP-3A Solid State Preamp

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Replaces pre-amps used in most standard Hammond tone wheel consoles. The SSP-3 has been carefully designed to faithfully reproduce the response of the original tube pre-amp when it was new.

STANDARD FEATURES: * Built in reverberation * Built in power supply * Built in Leslie 122 tremolo control circuitry * Functions with original swell pedal and linkage or can be used with remote floor type pedal

OPTIONS: Percussion Control Head By adding the TP-3B percussion control head, the percussion circuitry of the SSP-3 can be utilized to add B-3 type percussion to older consoles which did not originally have this feature. When purchased together, a package price is available. Auxiliary Amplifier Channels This option provides 2 additional amplifier channels and a separate enclosure with input jacks, output jacks and level controls. These channels may be used to play other keyboard instruments, rhythm units, etc. through the organ speaker system or through their own amplification system, but under the control of the organ swell pedal.

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