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Trek II EIS-122 Motor Control Relay for 122 type Leslie Speakers

Trek II EIS-122 Motor Control Relay for 122 type Leslie Speakers

$ 94.00

* The EIS-122 MOTOR CONTROL RELAY is compatible with the following Leslie models ONLY: 122, 122RV, 122V, 142, 222, 222RV, 242.

Originally developed by Electronic Instrument Service, the EIS-122 provides a silent and extremely reliable alternative to the old style electromechanical relays originally supplied in Leslies utilizing the 122 type amplifier.  Ideal for use in studio, church, and professional applications where quiet switching or ultimate reliability is essential.

The EIS-122 is fully compatible with existing stock Leslie control circuits and therefore requires no changes at the console for standard operation.  For standard 2 speed (fast / slow) operation, EIS equipped Leslies may be freely mixed with Leslies in the same family that still use an original electromechanical relay.

For those wishing for more than basic relay replacement, the EIS-122 has the capability to add brake-to-off and coast-to-off functions without additional wiring between the console and the Leslie.  To utilize these advanced features, a suitable 3 position switch must be installed at the console.


  • Easy installation
  • Eliminates electrical and mechanical switching noise
  • Reduces 122 switching lag
  • Eliminates the 12AU7 control tube and dependency on the 6550 output tube cathode voltage
  • Arc suppression capacitors are eliminated
  • Microprocessor based design provides advanced features, while retaining simple operation
  • Fully enclosed
  • Brake function provides proportional braking duration

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