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Hamptone MK1D 2-speed Motor Control for Leslie Speakers

Hamptone MK1D 2-speed Motor Control for Leslie Speakers

$ 289.00

Hamptone Motor Control MK1D

( Made in the USA! )

At Last, turn your older "single speed" Leslie® into its newer "two speed" counterpart. The Hamptone Motor Control performs this by synchronously switching the power on / off to the motors at precisely the correct intervals to achieve reduced speeds from a single speed motor. Power is never interrupted when current is flowing through the motors to provide quiet operation (no switching noise on AC power, i.e. fed into amp). It does not achieve this by varying current or voltage applied to the motor as these methods can cause motor damage. This unit is amazing ! View the brochure Installation Procedure Specifications Slow Speed Selection * 4 DIP switches (located on side of unit) Power * 120VAC Leslie®Model Compatibility * 21E, 21H, 22H, 22R, 31A, 31H, 44W, 46W, 45, 47, 50, 51C

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