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Celebrity Photos


Band Members from CIRQUE DU SOLEIL sit in at the "Artist's Quarter"

Dr. Lonnie Smith

Dr. Lonnie Smith at the Cedar Cultural Center Mpls.

Jonny Lang

Bill and Jonny after the gig in San DiegoBill and Jonny after the gig in San Diego

Jellybean Johnson Drummer for "The Time"

When Jellybean is in town, he sits in with "Dr. Mambos Combo" on Sunday and Monday nights at Bunkers in downtown Minneapolis.

Kid Ramos and Bill Heid

Hammondology Video series

Nick Moss, Bill Heid,  Kid Ramose (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Bill Brown, Terry  Morresette

Chris Foreman

Hammondology Funk tape Shoot

In live performance funk segments, Chris is joined by Bill Brown (right) who turns in a clavinet performance that positively drips funk. Sitting in on bass is funk heavy Richard Patterson (back center). Richard's impressive resume includes stints with Miles Davis, Boz Skaggs, Aretha Franklin and countless others. Red hot grooves are provided courtesy of veteran drummer Terry Morresette (left). Together these guys lay down some of the funkiest sounds found anywhere.

Matt Fink

Ever hear of Purple Rain?

Matt and Bill hanging out after the show

Matt and Bill playing at the Prince Family Reunion at "The Cabooze" in Minneapolis.

Dez Dickerson and Bill

Dez played with Prince on videos such as Little Red Corvette and 1999.

BB Organ is contracted by Keb' Mo' for "on site" repairs at the Guthrie Theatre

John Mayer sits in with "The Combo" at Bunkers in Minneapolis! 2/12/2007

John straps on Billy Franzes guitar

John plays next to "G-sharp" at Bunkers

Jonny Lang plays and sings with "The Combo" at Bunkers in Minneapolis!

Jonny Lang "Burns" a solo with "The Combo"

Sonny Thompson on Bass (Prince)
Jason Peterson on Sax (Michael Bolton)
Jonny Lang on guitar

From Bill's view!

"The Combo" (Jonny Lang playing guitar)

Ricky Peterson, Bill and Joey D. at the Artist's Quarter.

Ricky Peterson (left) Keyboardist with David Sanborn, John Mayer, Stevie Nicks, and many more

What a tangled web we weave!

"The Heatin' System" performs at Jack McDuffs Memorial Service!

Bill Brown (organ), Rudy Petschauer (drums), Andrew Beals (Alto), Jerry Weldon (tenor), John Hart (guitar)

Memorial Service was held at "The Dakota Jazz Club" in St. Paul Minnesota

Steve Miller visits the Artist Quarter on B3 Organ Night!

Flying like an Eagle at the AQ!

The man has got style!

Bill and Steve Miller

BB Organ is contracted by Pearl Jam for "on site" repairs

Huey Lewis introduces "Dr. Mambo's Combo" at "The Escape" in Minneapolis!

He still looks -

and sounds great!

After finishing his gig at "The Dakota", Joey DeFrancesco visits the "Artist Quarter" in St. Paul, MN on B3 Organ night!

Bill and Joey hanging out after their gigs.

Jake Langley, Byron Landham (on drums) and Joey

The Legendary "Dr Mambos Combo" of Minneapolis gets hired again by "Prince" to play at Paisley Park!

G-Sharp: Vocals Billy Franze: Guitar
Margaret Cox: Vocals Sonny Thompson: Bass
Mark Lickteig: Vocals Michael Bland: Drums
Juice: Vocals Bill Brown: Keyboards



Tommy Roe and Bill at the Mayo Civic Center (March 13th 1998)

Best known for: "Dizzy", "Sweet Pea", "Sheila", & "Everybody". 

Johnny Tillotson and Bill at the Mayo Civic Center (March 13th, 1998)

Best known for: "Never Let Me Go", "Pledging My Love" and "Earth Angel

The Legendary "Combo" of Minneapolis warms up "Prince" at Paisley Park!

G-Sharp: Vocals Billy Franze: Guitar
Margaret Cox: Vocals Sonny Thompson: Bass
Mark Lickteig: Vocals Michael Bland: Drums
Juice: Vocals Bill Brown: Keyboards


Yanni Before making it big on the "Oprah" show, Yanni played in a band called Chameleon based out of  Minneapolis area during the 1980's. I used to go see and talk to him and the rest of the band members every chance I could. With four albums to their credit, the band was incredible! Pictured behind him on the bottom is a custom B-2 chopper with percussion. After he left for California, I was able to buy and own the Hammond B2 for several years using it on some gigs. Some of the other keyboards he used at the time was a Mini Moog, ARP Quadra, ARP Odessy, Yamaha CP-70, Moog Tarus pedals and some sort of RMI keyboard. If you're not a Yanni fan now, you would be if you ever got to hear him play with "Chameleon".      Bill

Jack McDuff, Bill, and Jimmy McGriff

Jack and Kathy McDuff (Super nice people!)

Bill with Jack McDuff (Did Jack's organ rig for 10 years while he lived in Minneapolis)

Bill with Joey DeFrancesco (That was fun!)

Bill with Steve Cherewan (local organ/keyboard hero) Johnny Lang, David Brenner, Dr Mambo's Combo

Jack McDuff, Michael Pendergast, George Benson, Billy Holloman, and Bill At McDuff's house the day the O.J. Simpson verdict came in.

James (drum tech) and Michael Bland ( Formerly with Prince, highly sought after session drummer and now with Mambo's Combo)

James (drum tech) and Michael Bland