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Northern Chop Hammond Organ

BB Organ has been making custom portable and our Hammond Chop Organ quietly for over 30 years. We figured it was time that we let everyone else know. Below are several examples of what we have done for our customers over the years.
They sound as great as they look and the possibilities are virtually endless!

Contact us to discuss the details of building one for you!

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"Line-X" Northern Chop with bench, stand and pedals 2017

Owned by: David Mann in Texas


"Vintage Mahogany" 2016

Owned by: Dave Whitney in California


"Classic Line-X" with pedal board


"Vintage Tweed"

"Vintage Cherry"

"Line-X Model goes to France"

"Winter" model goes to Hungary


"Tuxedo" model goes to France

"Snakeskin" Northern Chop

"Red Tolex" Northern Chop

Contact us to discuss the details of building your own! 

email | (763) 571-8284