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Hamptone Testimonials

Hello Guys,

I recently purchased a Hamptone motor controller for my Leslie 21-H and I am very satisfied with the results. No, not just satisfied, I'm totally psyched! Thank you so much! I finally have the sound I've been longing for all these years... (I recently bought a Hammond Model A with the 21-H, and the motor controller really makes it). Also, I just want to let you know that I appreciate your excellent customer service as well as your products.

Ben Kreusser

Portland, Ore.

I installed the Hamptone MK4 motor control and it works great! It's strange, there's no clicking contactor noise, I don't miss it at all.

Russ Blair

I love my Leslie 2 speed control Hamptone, works great...

Jeff Stephens

I've been using many of your Hammond/Leslie items (LPRE3, LEQ3B, SSR...) for some time now and they're all great.When I play live here in the San Francisco area, I use a Voce V5, the LPRE3, and a Leslie 142 and people always comment on how good it sounds and ask about the pedal.And Bill Brown has been super helpful with any Hammond/ Leslie issues I have too. So, thanks again for making some great products and working with an expert like Bill on those. Any plans for more supercharged Leslie tube amps?

Mike grimes

Hey Bill

Thanks so much for the help with my Hamptone unit. It works just fine. I never thought I'd ever have a Leslie, but now I really do...

Thanks again
***********( in Texas) jtC

Hi Bill,

The Hamptone EQ unit I orderd from you a while back works really good. Very pleased.

J.P. Brown


Yesterday I got your stuff - big thank you!!!! It works - sure, not on dip 2 - because we have 50 Hz, there for the impulse is almost 20% slower and that is too week. On dip 3 it is fine. It is great to hear my beautiful"Titanic"31H on choral with my wonderful BV.


Morning Bill,

I just wanted to take a minute to say "Thanks You" for the quick service you provide. I must say after years of converting the older single speed
leslie's to two speed operation which I have always replaced the speaker deck, added two two speed motors and rewired the amps the Hamtone box makes the entire project a snap.

It really makes the purchasing decision a no brainer.

Yesterday I played a trick on a long term Hammond player buddy who currently is stationed at the School of Music in Virginia Beach where he is an instructor. He stopped by to check out one of my B3's I just finished rebuilding. I had the organ hooked up to the Leslie 22h I had just installed the Hamtone MK1 in. He fired the organ up and started playing. Wow he said, that 122 sounds really nice. I asked him how the speed changes sounded to him. He said they were switching speeds perfect and what a great job I did rebuilding the motors.

Bill I let him play for around 30 minutes before I just had to tell him the truth. The product works great and the installation is a snap. I'm sold on these units. Never again will I chase old two speed motors, install new decks when the cure is this easy.

Thanks much,
Spiller Anderson


Last week I installed a Hamptone MK1C in a Leslie 22H. Virtually, all the motors and components were growing a fuzzy beard. With the client watching the install, it immediately started spinning slow. Of course I cleaned and oiled the motors for regular maintenance before I left the church. Thanks again!


Mr Brown,

I installed the new Hampton MK4 unit and everything is working properly. Thanks so much for working with me. I hope to do business again with you in the future.