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Customer Feedback

Hi Bill!!!

All the parts be arrived to the airport ! I have mounted the driver and the switch in a Leslie 760 connected with a 59's C3 than with the roll or cary i can bringing it when i play around the world;

So with the B3 in my bedroom i am preparing young Italian organist...

Thank you and merry Christmas

Sandro Neri

Hello Bill:

Thanks you again!, already the hammond came to me xk-3, the truth has fulfilled one of my musical dreams, is a perfect instrument. Thank you, we are in contact.

Martín Montoya

(from the Ukraine)

Hello, Bill Brown!!

Thank for your attention. I today have received your parcel. Excellent packing. Super Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is very pleasant!!!!!!!!

Best regards!




I hope all is well. I've run my Leslie 145 through its paces, and I couldn't be happier. It sounds awesome!! The Leslie speed change is exactly how I wanted it, the Leslie is clean and looks great, the amp can go from warm and smooth all the way up to a heavy crunch, and in general it's really fun and rewarding to play. I will have no problem getting into the mix with this beautiful piece.

I'd like to thank you guys for treating me with so much respect, and helping me through the sale. I can guarantee that down the road I will be a 'Northern Chop,' customer, and plan on coming to you for any Hammond modifications or repairs.

I've included pics of my rig for the website. Feel free to post these, and put a link to my myspace: ( Also, feel free to use any of my comments as unsolicited customer feedback :)

Again, Thanks, You Guys Rock!!


Kevin Dorsey

Hey Guys

It's been about 6 or 7 months with my northern chop, and I'm still in love! Also got the 'got b3?" shirt you sent.. much appreciated.

all the best
dave cohen

Hi Bill:

Received the lower manual and 9 pin today. It makes the XK3 the best "clone" out there today in my opinion, but what do I know ! Looks and sounds great.

Thanks again. Joe.

Dear Bill,

I have received the parts from you, today in safe.

Thank you!

Tsutomu Yamamoto


Thanks all received on Friday 17th. Thanks for your help, great service!

Regards Paul Turner

Hey Bill,

A+ work on My Hammond & Leslie! Jammed with the band last night, it does sound like a completely different organ.

The percussion player even WANTED to sit next to the Leslie! Anyways, great job and I'll keep in touch.

Thanks again,
Paul Mikolich

Bill, I didn't want to disturb you. For you kindness I will always buy in your store Hammond & Leslie items. Thanks. Marco
Hi Mr Brown, Thank you for my Item. All it's OK and at Quebec city since today morning. It's a pleasure to doing business with you. Best regards, Louis Levasseur Québec, Canada
Bill, The Leslie 21 sounds incredible!! I hooked it up to my Nord Electro and could not believe it! It sounds EXACTLY like my 145. I cannot wait to try it out at a gig this weekend. Thanks again for the fast service, its always a pleasure to do business with you. You had the best price of anyone out there for the Leslie 21. thanks again, Chris
Mr. Brown, Just for your info. I've received my order in good condition. Thanks for your quick service and till the next time!! Best regards Ascalon
Today, I've got tube set for B3 from you. I was really surprised that very fast your shipping. thanks! and I've changed it for my great sixties B3. The sound become clearly amazing! also you've sold me V21 diaphragm for Jensen driver. My LESLIE 122 and B3 have revived. I really thank you! sincerely, shunichi hanano
(From another Hamptone dealer) Hi Rick, I was able to fix it. Bill Brown left voice mail instructions on my phone on what to do. I followed them and it all works great now! Thank you for following up on it to help make it right. I really like the Hamptone unit it was just what I needed to get my volume back under control. Great customer service on your part! Take care. Sincerely, Trevor
Hi Bill, I wanted to wish you and your family the merriest of Christmas's and a prosperous 2006! Thanks again for the support you've given me through the last couple of years, you're a wonderful human being!!! All the best, Roger B3
Dear Bill, I have received today the items of order # 001736 from you. Key guides are surely excellent as you told me! Thank you very much! Yours truly, Tsutomu (Japan)
Just wanted to thank you for the great service and delivery of the Leslie Speaker. God Bless and keep you always ... The Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church Family ...
Bill, Wow! The organ sounds so much better... like a real B3. I'm grinning from ear to ear when I play it, hearing things I didn't hear before. Happy Holidays, Klaus
Bill--The HAMPTONEe EQ is AWESOME!!! Thanks for all your help over the years. Truly classy people! Thanks Dennis Angellotti
Hi Bill, Received my new Hammond XK3 on Friday and have been playing it ever since. It sounds and plays even better than I thought it would. I look forward to many enjoyable hours playing this outstanding instrument. Take care, Wayne
AS always, with predictability, you have answered my question on the EQ. Les emailed back with an overview on the Hamptone unit. His endorsement and use also sold me on the Hamptone - I was sold first by you Bill - all the trust in the world - hearing it again from a user clinched it. Your friend, Tom
Bill, In this world in which we are such a small part of, I have learned that when we run across some one that is willing to be a true friend, I will always honor that tradition. In all of my Hammond dealing, I can honestly say that you have been the only one that was honest throughout the entire transaction. I will keep this under my hat and you will be hearing from me soon. Just wondering if you might be willing to make an educated guess as to Hammonds price of the second keyboard? Thanks again, Tommy
after rehearsal with the band last nite the red light B3 sounded incredible- it has been worked on by the ultimate pro - thanks B the EQ on the 56 looks fantastic and has made the organ a classic- thanks B Les
wow, cool, thank you soooooooooooooo much. I just came from a gig with my new band "funk agreement" and the XK-3 sounds fantastically. thnak you very very much greetz jan
Bill: Cable arrived and gave me an enjoyable afternoon of tweaking and setting things up the way I wanted. It truly is amazing how much sound can be packed into a small area these days. Now I wonder how things would have been different if such great equipment had been around in the late 60's and early 70's when I got started with Hammonds. I surely would have played out much more without the need for four strong friends to help me move. Oh well. Thanks for helping me make up for lost time with some great sounding portable gear. Take care and keep up the good work! Ben Whaley
THANKS BILL! Your input was just what I needed after months of frustration! Thanks to you I can now enjoy my wonderful b3 to the fullest! You're the best! Roger "Gero" Gentile
Bill, Received the speakers yesterday - sound great - I used 12" before but these sound much clearer. Thanks for a great transaction. . thanks, Paul
Bill, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Hammond pedalboard in fine condition. I married it up with my A100 immediately and it looks great, feels great, and sounds great. Thank you for making my A100 whole again. Brennan Roy
Dear Bill, Just a note to let you know that I received the organ (XK-3) and the pedal. I'm having a great time with it! I don't have everything figured out yet - I'm just having too much fun playing it right now. Thank you again for your service!! Sincerely, Mike Annicchiarico
Bill The XK-3 arrived safely two days ago. Everything works fine. Thanks again for the as usual good service Kind Regards Ralph Brun
Mr Brown, I installed the new Hampton MK4 unit and everything is working properly. Thanks so much for working with me. I hope to do business again with you in the future. Josh
Hey Bill. THANKS for your help today. I appreciate the info you gave, and the demonstrations. You guys ROCK! I'm just hoping that it doesn't take me 34 years to play like you! I just got home a few minutes ago. Haven't had the chance to take the XK-3 out of the box yet. I was doing some charity work for the church this afternoon and tonite. I'm looking forward to hearing that new amp you talked about (KBR4??). I can't remember the make/model, but the one with the rotary speaker that I can play my other keyboard through. I'll hopefully be able to compare that one with the motion sound (if you have one of those in stock too). Thanks, again. Looking forward to coming over again soon for the speaker. take care. john
Hi Bill, Just want to say thank you - yesterday I got your stuff!!! No time to check it out, but it is already a pleasure to have it in my hand! I will go to Italy for 10 days, but after I will find the time to let it run - I will let you know how it works. Big thank you again for the great value. All the best to you Roger
Hi Bill, I just wanted to let you know that I received my Motion Sound Pro-145 yesterday....and to say that I'm incredibly impressed would be a HUGE understatement. It truly opened a whole new wealth of sound quality to my Hammond XK2. I didn't even really have tweak anything....right out of the box it sounded AWESOME. Thank you so much for giving me such a great deal on it (your price was cheaper than any other I found). I anticipate many, many years of enjoyment and wonderful playing experiences. I'll be keeping your business card handy, and once I can afford a B3, I'll be calling you first! Thanks again and best wishes! Byron