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Customer Rigs

Tommy Barbarella

The Northern Chop on tour with Nick Jonas and The Administration

Keyboardist: Tommy Barbarella | Photography: Rob Hoffman &

Marcus Schmid

Wookie Foot | Mad Love

Marcus has been pounding it out here in Minneapolis with several popular bands.

Here he is on stage with his BB Organ Northern Chop.

David Hughes

David is pictured with his BB Organ Customized Bill Beer MIDI Chop. He is very proud of this rig!

Kevin Dorsey

The Histronic


I hope all is well. I've run my Leslie 145 through its paces, and I couldn't be happier. It sounds awesome!! The Leslie speed change is exactly how I wanted it, the Leslie is clean and looks great, the amp can go from warm and smooth all the way up to a heavy crunch, and in general it's really fun and rewarding to play. I will have no problem getting into the mix with this beautiful piece.

I'd like to thank you guys for treating me with so much respect, and helping me through the sale. I can guarantee that down the road I will be a 'Northern Chop,' customer, and plan on coming to you for any Hammond modifications or repairs.

Kevin Dorsey

Ed Melburg

Playing "down and dirty" with his own customized chopped M3

Ian Stahl

Workin' up a sweat down in New Orleans

Lee Ellis

Lee at Southside Johnny's in Colorado Springs (right pic)


The Leslie arrived Friday and was immediately put to use last night. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the 3300--it was the hit of the night with all the musicians; I've already adjusted the rotor speeds to my personal preferences, and having the tube overdrive is really a plus. The pictures show me last night at Southside Johnny's in Colorado Springs with my blues road rig, which is the XK-2, a midi controller for the piano or second tier XK-2 (whichever I need at the moment), and Yamaha sound module with everything feeding through a mixer to the 3300.

Thanks so much for your great sales, service and support over the years!

Lee Ellis

Kim Fokken

Playing through his Motion Sound Pro 3 at an event held in Maynard Minnesota July 1st.

Sean Hall

Sean has owned other Hammond and Leslie products over his lifetime. He is a very discriminating customer who says that he Loves the new XK3 and is impressed by the Leslie 3300! That really says a lot!

Dave Cohen

On the road with country artist Johnny Reid, and pop artist Amanda Marshall

Mike Nadeau

Tommy Hart


Prince's Plexiglass / Acrylic Hammond B3 Organ and 147 Leslie Speaker.  We have been the Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker repair people for Prince and Paisley Park for over 20 years.

*Please note that these pics are not to be copied or redistributed in any way.

Duke Rivers

Grant Casper

Hey Bill ,

Thought you might get a kick out of this.... Just too much time on my hands I guess!!! Cute little thing!! Actually doesn't sound to bad either!! It is a 120 that had just the 12 in the bottom.. I just need to keep myself busy!!!

Grant Casper

Vito Caputo (Italy)

Russ Blair

Custom M143


I used some of you're creations I saw on the internet as a model to build this one. PS. I paid $7.50 for the M143 at a thrift store. They couldn't start it.

Thanks, Russ Blair

David Neft

Studio and gig setups.

Mattias Bjorkman (Sweden)

B3 cabinet made by Mattias with Hamptone EQ

Jan Reinelt (Germany)

Gettin' down with his new Hammond XK-3.

Markus Ruffing (Germany)

Having a blast with his C.

Bill Heasley

A customized enclosure built for the XB2 and the XK3 (Built by Bill Heasley)

Tony Nardini

(Great guy and a heck of a player and singer!)

Marion Red

( A-100 customized by Marion Red) * notice the Hamptone EQ below the lower keyboard*

Bernard Landreau (France)

Pat Duncan

Custom 145 Leslie (Customized by BB Organ 11/94)

Josiah Hoskins

(BB Organ Rotary Road Cabinet assembled by Josiah Hoskins)

It looks awesome!