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122A 122XB 147A New Leslie Speaker

122A 122XB 147A New Leslie Speaker

$ 3,695.00

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These Leslie tone cabinets are designed for single- channel organs whose pedal range extends down into the lower frequencies. They also feature a traditional tube amplifier for the "warm tube" sound. The model 122A is specifically designed for older Hammond Organs requiring a separate tone cabinet for sound reproduction, such as the A, B, C, and RT models. The model 147A, is also recommended for single-channel organs. This model works well with organs with self-contained speaker systems, such as Hammond Organ models A-100, M, M-2, M-3, M-100, L-100. The model 122 XB is electrically identical to the 122, except that its 11-pin connector is designed to interface directly with the Hammond XB-Series of instruments (XB-2, XB-5, and XB-3). Specifications

  • 41 5/8" x (H) 29 1/4" (W) x 20 5/8" (D)
  • 149lbs
  • Vacuum tube (single channel)
  • 40 watts RMS

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