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Hammond A-405 Organ (Call for price quote!)

Hammond A-405 Organ (Call for price quote!)

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Hammond A-405 Console Organ

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The HAMMOND ORGAN has been the “Choice Of Gospel Music” since the Chicago Minister Rev. Clarence Cobbs replaced his old piano with a brand-new Hammond Organ in 1939. In the time which has passed since those hallowed days, Church music has changed; and although the Hammond Organ still reigns as the King of Church Instruments, other voices have risen to join the instrumental choir. Styles have evolved as well. Hammond has heard this calling, and the result is our Model A-405; a genuine HAMMOND CHURCH ORGAN augmented with a great selection of modern tones, such as pianos, electric pianos, strings, brass, synths and many others. You won’t need to buy a mess of other keyboards to get those new highlights in your praise and worship music. The A-405 is also great for smaller churches, as the A-405 has a powerful sound system that brings the inspiration without the need to purchase outboard equipment. Coupled with that onboard sound rig, is an accurate Digital LESLIE™ providing the traditional Hammond sound your congregation has grown to love. Of course, if your church is on a larger scale, an outboard Leslie Cabinet may be added to reinforce the stirring sounds only an authentic HAMMOND is capable of providing.

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