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Hammond A3 Heritage Organ System XK-5

Hammond A3 Heritage Organ System XK-5

$ 11,185.00

Model A-3 Heritage System

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Model A3 Heritage System:

XK5, A3 lower manual (RW), new A3
Bench (RW), new A3 Stand (RW)
XPK250W Pedalboard (option)

The A-3 Heritage System does for appearance what the innards of the XK-5 do for sound. If there is a photo, a description isn’t really necessary. It’s a B-3. Actually, closer in size to the 1934 Model A (hence the title), which means it’s just a tad smaller than the B, but your audience will never know it. With matching 25-note Pedalboard (not pictured) and Bench, in Hammond’s signature Red Walnut finish, it has never been easier to make a dream come true.


Model A-3™
So named because it looks very much like Laurens Hammond’s first organ, the Model A™ he introduced in 1935, the Model A-3 is ideal for installation in a church or nightclub, or for any application where the appearance of a classic B-series Hammond is desired.

It begins with the XK5 and adds the A-3 lower manual, which functions exactly like the XLK-5 but has thicker side panels. The wooden “B-3 look” stand and bench match the cabinetry perfectly, as does the XPK-250 pedalboard with expression pedal.

HAMMOND will offer different bundles of these components through better retailers everywhere.

If you demand no less than perfection from your tone-wheel organ sound, a feel and responsiveness that will make you close your eyes and imagine you’re playing a vintage B-3, and programmability that will let you recreate any specific Hammond that may be in your mind’s ear, don’t settle for a “clone.” Insist on The New Original … the HAMMOND XK-5.

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