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Hammond B-162 Organ (Call us for price quote!)

Hammond B-162 Organ (Call us for price quote!)

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Hammond B-162 Organ

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The Hammond B-3 is the most visually recognizable organ ever produced. The mere sight of it promises a soul-stirring performance, regardless of genre. It is an indelible icon. We offer our “A-162” model in a “B-3”-style cabinet for those who desire the “look” to match the “feel”.

Using the same VASE III Tonal “Engine” as the top-of-the-line B-3mk2, the B-162 gives all the power and sound expected from a Hammond, with the familiar reverse-key presets, Touch-Response Percussion, Chorus-Vibrato, twin waterfall keyboards, and 25-note pedalboard right there where every organist expect them to be.

The B-162 is the first “4-poster” Hammond to feature an on-board sound system.  A powerful 150-watt onboard sound system with a compliment of five heavy-duty speakers, including a 15” woofer for rich pedal/bass tones. This system even surpasses the beloved antique A-100 with the inclusion of a state-of-the-art Digital Leslie™, a benefit not found on the original. The option remains, however, to attach a Leslie speaker cabinet to expand the tonal range, if desired..

Hammond has mined its 80-year history to produce instruments that execute the Vintage Organ’s exact functions in the digital realm, providing not only stability and confidence, but allowing precise control, extensive customization and adaptability. You can now “dial in” all the unique characteristics and intangibles that you desire in a Hammond Organ and Leslie.

The B-162 is perfect for smaller Churches, Chapels, Schools, Homes and Studios, and its affordable price is in everyone’s budget. The B-3 brought the Hammond magic to a wider audience, and the same spirit is alive in the technologically advanced B-162, providing all the stirring and traditional music Hammond is famous for.

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