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XPK-130G Midi Pedal Board Hammond Organ

XPK-130G Midi Pedal Board Hammond Organ

$ 900.00

Hammond XPK-130G

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The Hammond XPK-130G pedal board accessory from Hammond's ProLine division. Simply plug it in, connect it to your keyboard via MIDI, and you're ready to enhance your playing with bass lines provided by your foot, leaving your hands free to play melody and accompaniment. And, when used in conjunction with Hammond's XK-2 Drawbar Keyboard, The XPK-130G allows you to create a "Virtual B-3." Keyboard * 13 Key MIDI Pedalboard (No Dynamics) Features * 2 MIDI IN Merge---> MIDI OUT * Big 7SEG 3 digits Display * 5 Function Switch * 20 Presets Program * EEROM Memorize Display * 7 Segment 3 digit LED * Transpose On * Function On Switches * Transpose, Function, Preset up, Preset down, Play/Edit Terminal * AC Adaptor socket * MIDI IN1 * MIDI IN2 * MIDI Out Function (Play Mode) * Key On/Off,MIDI OUT (No Dynamics) * Transpose -24 to +48 (Semitones) * Function SW (Selective Alternate Sw) * Leslie Slow/Fast * Sustain On/Off * Rhythm Start/Stop * Modulation On/Off * Preset Up/Down * Play/Edit Turn On Edit Mode Function (Edit Mode) * Preset Parameter List: E-1 Pedal MIDI Channel 1 to 16 E-2 Transpose -24 to +48 E-3 Pedal Velocity Value 1 to 127 E-4 Monophonic/Polyphonic E-5 Key Hold On/OFF E-6 Master MIDI Channel 1 to 16 E-7 Program Change 1 to 128 E-8 Bank Select 0 to 127 (LSB=0) E-9 Volume 1 to 127 E-10 Function Sw Other Setting E-11 Other Function On/Off E-12 Sw Mode Alternate/Momentary E-13 NRPN On/Off (Control Change) E-14 NRPN Number (Control Number) MM (MSB) E-15 LL (LSB) E-16 SW On Value MM (MSB) E-17 LL (LSB) E-18 SW Off Value MM (MSB) Dimensions * W 56cm D 39cm H 13cm (22" x 15-1/2" x 5-1/8") Weight * 8.5 kg (approx 19 lbs.)

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