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Melodion Pro 24B (Bass)

Melodion Pro 24B (Bass)

$ 299.00


HAMMOND ACOUSTIC MELODION BASS 24 KEYS w/Zipper case (PRO-24B) and mouthpieces (MP-191 & MP-171)


Equipped with a double pickup microphone that conveys deep bass tones. The world's smallest class electric acoustic bass.



singable bass lead

In 1972, the Bass Melodyon B-24 was born to play the bass part of the Melodyon Ensemble. A tapered reed modeled after an accordion is used to create breathy bass reeds. The sound of the bass lead, which contains many overtones, is not limited to the bass line, and the melody line in the mid-low range is also fully sung. 

Double pickup microphone that transmits the vibration of the reed

Equipped with a pickup microphone on the high-pitched and low-pitched sides. By adjusting the balance between these two microphones, the outline of the sound becomes clearer and a three-dimensional sound is produced. In addition, the pickup microphone amplifies overtones, reverberations, and breathing that cannot be fully conveyed with acoustics due to the small size of the sounding body. You can enjoy the rich musical expression unique to bass reeds.  

Comes with a trombone mouthpiece

Comes with a trombone-type mouthpiece that allows the player's breath to be blown more straight. With a shape that allows you to apply a wider mouth and a shorter length than conventional mouthpieces, you can play at a high volume with good response.




Bass 24 keys F to e 1


aluminum cover
phosphorus bronze lead


Built-in 2 small dynamic microphones

External terminal

External output (standard jack, microphone level)


Body: 330 x 130 x 72mm
Case: 350 x 160 x 95mm


Body: 890g
Case: 280g


Trombone mouthpiece (MP-191)
L-joint long mouthpiece (MP-171)
cloth Nylon soft case with shoulder strap (MP-2004)



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