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Dolly for Hammond Organ / dual trucks 28" base

Dolly for Hammond Organ / dual trucks 28" base

$ 579.00

The dual truck piano moving system allows for instantaneous control at your fingertips. The perfect option for a single person to move a piano or organ. 

To use, place one one truck at each end of the piano or organ, fasten the straps and press the foot-lever at each end to raise the piano for moving. The dolly handles fold out of the way when not in use. Four 7-foot straps, which are included, are used to hold the instrument securely. 

28" base Organ dollies. This item will work with any Hammond Organ. They come as a pair with straps.

* This product is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. (typically 3 - 4 to week wait)

* Only shipped to customers living in the lower 48 States in the USA

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