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Hamptone BBEQ Equalizer and Overdrive unit

Hamptone BBEQ Equalizer and Overdrive unit

$ 488.00

Hamptone EQ and Overdrive unit.

It's our famous LEQ3B with a scorching overdrive!

EQ specifications:

*Off to +6dB (0 at mid point) Hi EQ * Corner Frequency 1.6KHz * Boost (@ 10KHz) +11.2dB
*Cut (@ 10KHz) -30dB Lo EQ * Corner Frequency 115Hz * Boost (@ 20Hz) +13dB
*Cut (@ 20 Hz) -10dB Input * Balanced (can be wired unbalanced) Output
*Balanced (can be wired unbalanced) SSM2142 chip
*Balanced line drivers which emulates an output transformer Bypass
*Hard wire bypass switch Organ Compatibility
*All A, A-100, B, C, D, RT types Power
*External transformer for low noise operation

( Made in the USA! ) 

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